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Bang ST539 Bang-O-Matic Component Driver Head

PRICE: $249.00

Headcover included with product
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The Bang O Matic ST539 features the Flow Alignment System Technology (F.A.S.T.) for perfect trajectory as well as a lower center of gravity to help launch the ball into the air faster and more easily, reducing hooks and slices. The second generation Bang-O-Matic ST539 is made from 100% Beta Titanium with a unique heat-treated process. Go long with the new Bang ST539 Titanium HOT Faced and you won't regret it.


Availible in Right Hand and Left Hand

Hosel size .335

Loft Dex Volume Lie Weight Face Angle
4.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- -.1*
5.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- -.1*
6.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- -.1*
7.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*
8.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*
9.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*
10.5* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*
12* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*
14* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*
16* RH/LH 460cc 59 193 +/- 1*


Bang Golf offers a Lifetime warranty on the Bang Bang-O-Matic 401cc driver. The warranty covers any and all damage done to the head during normal playing experiences but does not include paint scratches, building/re-shafting damages or damages due to irresponsible usage.

Solid Rock Golf offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our built clubs. This warranty covers any repairs needed to any club built by SRG under normal usage but does not include any club building done outside of SRG, irresponsible usage or normal ware and tare.

We do our best to replace any and all clubs under warranty but for those that do not meet the guide lines we will replace at the lowest possible price we can to ensure that ALL of our customers are taken care of and held as a priority regardless of warranty.