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Mitsubishi Diamana Kai'li 80 Wood Shaft

PRICE: $379.99

Tip Diameter: 
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The kai'li is a multi dimensional design utilizing thin sheets of carbon arranged in a multi layer structure to control torsional stiffness, stability and elasticity. A mixture of uni-directional carbon fiber for stability coupled with high elastic modular carbon make up 68% of the shaft. This reinforces the shaft for control and sispersion whilestill giving it elasticity when storing and releasingenergy during a swing. The kai'li is available in 60, 70 and 80 ranges with lower torque and mid to high kickpoints. Unlike the ali'islei which was more geared at smoother swingers, the kai'li is designed to give harder more aggressive swingers confidence and control with a low to mid trajectory, low spin shot.


Availible in .335 tip

Parallel Tip Section - 2.5"

Flex Length Weight Torque Parallel Tip Length Kick Point
S 46 78 2.8 3 Mid/High
X 46 81 2.8 3 Mid/High


Solid Rock Golf offers a LIFETIME warranty on all Mitsubishi Rayon Golf Products bought from SRG. The warranty covers any and all damage done to the shafts during normal playing experiences but does not include paint scratches, building/re-shafting damages or damages due to irresponsible usage.

We do our best to replace any and all shafts under warranty but for those that do not meet the guide lines we will replace at the lowest possible price we can to ensure that ALL of our customers are taken care of and held as a priority regardless of warranty.

Trim Instructions

Tip Trimming Instructions
Driver 3 wood 5 wood 7 wood 9 wood
0" 0" .5" 1" 1.5"